Transcript designation

Transcript designations are applied to student transcripts after completion of course work.

Upon completion of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Global Health (GISGH) coursework, students will receive a designation on their transcript.

The transcript designation application is available online for non-professional graduate students only. We do not accept paper copies. For help in filling out the form, please see the Graduate education homepage. You will need to go to the "Minor and Interdisciplinary Specialization" form that you initially submitted in order to access the transcript designation section. Click on the form header on the home page to see a list of your current forms, or do a search. Professional graduate students still need to complete the paper application form.

To apply for the GISGH transcript designation, students should submit the form during the quarter that they will complete the required coursework. The form requires information from the student and approval from the center. 

Professional students should submit completed forms to Pam Potter in Prior Hall, Suite 165.