Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the specialization through answers to common questions before enrollment.

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Global Health (GISGH) is a university-wide program that offers current Ohio State graduate and professional students advanced educational opportunities in the field of global health. The goal of the GISGH is to help prepare graduates to be active participants in the advancement of global health through academic enrichment, service-learning and research pertaining to issues of global health. 

Ohio State students currently enrolled in a graduate or professional program.

Students must complete at least four courses and a minimum of 10 credit hours outside of their home college. For example, Public Health students cannot count Public Health courses towards their 10-hour requirement. The courses must come from at least two different colleges.

Two of the required credit hours must come from the Public Health 6000 Introduction to Global Health course. All students in the GISGH are required to take this class.  It is recommended that you take this course first but it is not mandatory that you do so.

Yes, students should refer to the discipline-specific courses and discipline-specific field experience pages to see the requirements of their college. For example, students from the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine are required to complete a field experience in addition to the other requirements for the GISGH. 

The center accepts enrollment forms all year round but check with your college to see if they have any deadlines. Each enrollment form must be signed by the student’s advisor. 

*The GISGH advisor for all medical students currently is C. Alexander Grieco, MD.

They are listed on the website under master list of courses.

You must complete the program by the time you complete your major program. That time varies depending on your program.

No, there is no penalty if you decide to drop a course or to discontinue the GISGH program.

You should be able to but one of the reasons that your advisor must sign off on your enrollment form is so that they can see what you are proposing and advise you if they think it will work with your schedule or not.

Yes, as long as the course is from outside your home college you may count it more than once.