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The Language of Signs

If you want to know what’s on the mind of a community just take a look at their public health signs. We have compiled photos of billboards and signs taken by students on international electives all over the developing world. Some are an attempt to educate people to do something healthy such as breastfeeding their babies. Others reflect an attempt to debunk erroneous beliefs like the myth that sleeping with a virgin will cure AIDS. Billboards are a quick way to learn what the health concerns of a community or even a country are so the next time you travel abroad take note and take care.

1. Zambia
2. Ghana
3. Zambia
4. Belize
5. Peru
6. South Africa
7. Ecuador
8. Malawi
9. Guatemala
10. China
11. Malawi
12. Belize
13. Belize
14. Belize
15. Malawi