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Center for Global Health

Discipline-Specific Field Experience

Students from the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine and SHRS must complete a global health field experience. These hours do not count toward the 10-hour requirement of the GISGH except in SHRS.

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (students must choose either HRS 7289 OR 7700S; DPT and MOT students must also take OCCTHER 6510 OR PHYSTHER 8065)
HRS 7289 - Clinical Practicum in Global Health; SU, AU, SP
HRS 7700S - Service Learning in Global Health (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico); SP
OCCTHER 6510 - Service Learning in Occupational Therapy; AU, SP
PHYSTHER 8065 - Service Learning in Physical Therapy; AU, SPĀ 

College of Medicine
MED COLL 8664 - Global Health Elective; available in rotations 1 through 9

College of Public Health
PUBHLTH 6189.02

College of Nursing
Nursing 5798 - Practicum in Global Health

College of Veterinary Medicine
Vet Med Field Experience