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Anja Brokaw
Brittany Jones
Anja Brokaw and Brittany Jones
Practicum: The Global Health Initiative in the OSU College of Nursing is an annual service trip to Choluteca, Honduras. The interdisciplinary team of health care providers lead a group of students whose responsibilites include providing primary care, women's health care, and care for common acute illnesses and chronic diseases.

Practicum Report (Brokaw)

Practicum Report (Jones)

Margaret Kuder
Andrew Martin
Margaret Kuder, Andrew Martin and Brad McIntyre
  Medicine and Pharmacy
Practicum: PODEMOS

Practicum Report (Kuder)

Practicum Report (Martin)

Practicum Report (McIntyre)
Brad McIntyre

Sue Choi
Sue Choi
College of Dentistry
Practicum: Shoulder to Shoulder

Practicum Report

Betsy Zile
Betsy Zile
College of Nursing
Practicum: See above description for the CON's Global Health Initiative

Practicum Report